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Housingstudents.dk is a study residence portal that aims to provide an overview of the thousands of students who in Denmark apply for a student residence every year.

Member of Housing Students
To be a member you register at our housing portal. By registration  you will receive access to the following for free:

  • Your own profile
  • Access to Members club
  • Free advice and guidance on what it means to be a tenant of a studio, etc.

Subscribing - Access the offered studios DKK 49
You can buy access for DKK 49 per month.The amount will automatically be deducted from your credit card number every month.

Remember to unsubscribe from access to the studios if you do not wish to have access to the studios every month.

In some periods, access to the studios will be free

Read more under About the company Om virksomheden

Administration fee
When booking a student residence, an administration fee is charged.

The administration fee covers the expense of the administrative work in connection with the reservation of the selected student residence, as well as the preparation of a lease. When booking a student residence, the residence is reserved for you for 24 hours.

Administration fee DKK 199
The amount will automatically be deducted from your credit card number, and the fee can not be refunded if you choose to withdraw from the lease as a tenant.

Members Club
As a member of Housing Students, you will automatically be associated with our Members Club. Members Club is working to create more benefits for you as a student.

There can be advantages such as access to the purchase of juices from Wish City SEiMEi, cheaper home insurance, information and advice on renting, restaurants discount, access cards for various in-places and concerts, etc.

Sign up for free. DKK 0,- pr. year

We encourage all students to sign up on the waiting list, due to the fact that a list of residences is offered via the waiting list, which is not offered for rent through the Housing Student Housing Portal. The key-labeled residences are often project residences that are offered up to 3 months before the student residences are completed.

We recommend that you sign up for a waiting list at least 6-12 months before the current needs

Housing Students work with project housing for students, residences offered by private landlords, and housing distributed through the municipalities.

Often, it is project residences offered for rent through the waiting list, ie. The homes offered for rent through the waiting list are key-labeled homes, which are not offered for rent through the Housing Student Housing Portal.