Housing Students wants to protect its members in the best possible way, and has therefore entered into a collaboration with LEJKA.

LEJKA ensures both tenant and landlord best possible in all rental conditions. Before you, as a tenant, begin your rental housing search, we advise you to review the general rental conditions.

LEJKA guarantees that the deposit is protected securely and is ready for payment, when the landlord and tenant choose to terminate the tenancy.

By letting LEJKA protect the deposit, the parties, both tenant and landlord, are sure that the money is always ready for payment. It is in the interest of both landlord and tenant. When you leave it to LEJKA to protect the deposit, the service and all tools - e.g. digital rental agreement, legal advice, rent payment, moving-in and moving-out reports, storage of documents and photos - is free of charge for both landlord and tenant throughout the rental period.

How is the deposit secured?
LEJKA guarantees that no members risk losing their money.

LEJKA always keeps part of the deposit paid in cash, and the part that has been invested, is covered by a guarantee through Nordea Bank. This means that everyone can have their deposit back whenever they want, without any risk.

It is free to create an account with LEJKA.
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