About Housing Students

About Housing Students

Our concept is designed to help all housing-seeking students in Denmark, as we know that the study residence market is complex and it is easy to lose track.

Student housing

The housing portal is for both tenants and landlords.

As a tenant, when creating a membership, you have access to review offered student housing, and thereby apply for a student housing. A membership costs a lump sum of DKK 139.

As a landlord, you can post leases on the housing portal for FREE.

The rental terms are agreed between tenant and landlord. In order to protect both parties in the best possible way, we recommend that our partner LEJKA helps you in the process.

Student discount

As a member of Housing Students, tenants automatically is associated with our Members Club. Members Club is working to create more benefits for you as a student.

All companies that offer student discounts can become part of our Members Club for students. At Members Club, the company announces with Name, link to website, short text about the company and what percentage in discount is given to the student.

If you want to promote your company, send an email to kontakt@housingstudents.dk subject: Members Club.

Company Information

Housing Students ApS
Cvr. nr. 42028444.
Jernbanegade 23
4000 Roskilde

Housing Students ApS is part of the office hotel BusinessHouse in Roskilde.
If you want to visit us, we have to be notified in advance by email at: kontakt@housingstudents.dk