Rent your residence, studio or room with us at no charge!

Housing Students offer students a comprehensive overview of offered accommodation in Denmark, so we are your obvious partner.

Our main communication platform is the Internet and we always make sure that we are visible in the forum in which the students move.

Housing Students broadly embrace and offer residences, community centers, rooms, colleges, etc. only available for students.

Our housing portal is an extension for you as a landlord, and the advertisement of accommodation at Housing Students is free and without hassle for you as a landlord.

We have the contact between the landlord and the tenant
If you have a home that is interesting for a student, we will put the advertisement on our property portal, and from there the contact between the tenant and the landlord. You avoid direct inquiries, mails and calls, from desperate students seeking accommodation and all communication happens via the Housing Student Housing Portal.

All economic transactions go through tenant and landlord.

It's this easy to rent your studios with us
As a landlord, you send data, photos, etc. per. mail: and don’t consider anything other than the lease contract, which we prepare according to your wishes and conditions while complying with the rental agreement.

For further information please contact us by mail:

We hope the above gives you an insight into what Housing Students can do for you as a landlord, so if you have a study home, a room, access to a community or college etc.  you get 100% access to our home-seeking students.

Contact us today and help us help the thousands of students seeking a home.

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Housing Students