Terms and Conditions

Terms & conditions

Signing up (login) at housingstudents.dk

When you create a profile on www.housingstudents.dk, you create yourself as a member of the housing portal. The membership costs a lump sum of DKK 139. The amount is non-refundable.
If you enter into an agreement to become a member and thereby use the services offered by www.housingstudents.dk Then you get access to offered student housing, your own profile - with application to the landlord and Members club.

The parties involved in the agreement are the user (the person who creates an account). The user is in all respects responsible for compliance with the terms of use of the website www.housingstudents.dk.

When creating an account the user must insert correct data such as the users name, legal address, phone number, e-mail address, student identification/StudieID.

In the events of changes in regards to address, phone number, e-mail address etc. The user is obliged to update the data on www.housingstudents.dk so that the user information is correct at all times.

Student housing offered through Housing Students are not available through other housing providers. Therefore, it is important that you do not consider what we call “copy cats” as they do not have the rights to offer these student housings for rent.

Special conditions regarding personal information in connection to signing up on waiting lists and subscriptions.

At www.housingstudents.dk, you as a housing applicant can register as a member, which gives you access to the housing portal, your personal profile and the Members Club.

The rules for membership are determined solely by Housing Students ApS. You will be asked to answer some questions related to establishing your personal profile / membership. It is Housing Students ApS that decides which questions you must answer.

When signing up with www.housingstudents.dk, you are agreeing:

  • That your information including your personal identity, be given to the relevant real estate company or the homeowner of the property that you have applied for.
  • That it is your responsibility that the information given are correct at all times.
  • That Housing Students ApS, the real estate companies and homeowners for whose properties you have applied for, process the information given and assesses if you are entitled to receive a housing offer.
  • That the relevant real estate companies, homeowners as well as Housing Students ApS have the right to control the information you have submitted.

It is you as a home-looker, who are responsible for maintaining your personal data, as well as the responsibility of verifying your information lies with each real estate company, homeowner and Housing Students ApS.
Should any of the parties above find discrepancy with the information given,  they will have the right to reject an application as well as ban you as a member on all services on www.housingstudents.dk.

Information will never be forwarded to others, except the real estate companies, homeowners and their administrators of which you have applied.

You can at any time correct  all the information we have registered about you, by logging in to your profile at www.housingstudents.dk. However, we point out that you can not be a member with missing information on your profile, and you must therefore contact Housing Students ApS, if you want your profile deleted / terminate your membership.

Electronic communication

When creating an account you simultaneously enter a user-agreement with Housing Students in regards to electronic communication so that all messages sent from Housing Students ApS to your user can be sent to your registered e-mail address.

Messages and other information you might receive on the given e-mail address have the same legal effect regarding payment-, accept- and complaint deadlines, just as if the message was sent via regular mail.

Consumer right of withdrawal       

As a consumer you have the right in certain instances to withdraw your order of services in up to 14 days after the confirmation of your order.

If you accept when ordering that Housing Students ApS delivers the service before the expiry of the cancellation period, the right of cancellation will end already when Housing Students ApS begins the delivery of the service. Ie. if you make use of the housing portal, application to the landlord or Members club within 14 days.

Security policies
All servers used for storage of personal information given upon registration on www.housingstudents.dk are located at Housing Students ApS.

Personal information

The information that you insert when signing up as a home-seeker on  www.housingstudents.dk  is registered. Your information is processed in confidentiality and is only available to you, trusted associates at Housing People as well as associates and administrators of the real estate companies and homeowners who owns the property of which you are having a leasing deal developed.

Housing Students ApS will not pass on or sell your information to a third party. Any exceptions to this will and can only happen with your consent.

It is your responsibility that the information given is correct at all times and you can always change your information by logging in at www.housingstudents.dk

Proccessing of information

The processing of all personal information occurs according to the law of  processing personal data. We use your personal information for as follows:

  • When logging into www.housingstudents.dk
  • When applying to be considered for housing
  • When your connection to an education is verified

Information regarding advertisers and the actions performed by the advertisers on housingstudents.dk, are stocked for as long necessary to make sure that housingstudents.dk is able to fulfill its obligations to you and the obligations that housingstudents.dk are submitted to according to law, including the rules for financial statements and the laws of accounting, or in instances where the advertiser performs activities through housingstudents.dk which breaks Danish laws.

Furthermore, we do statistical calculations based on information regarding logins and acquisitioning of services. It is not possible to connect information to specific individuals or users in said calculations.

Updating information  

We control the validity of registered information periodically to make sure that our database is fully updated and only contain correct data. As a result, you are equally responsible for updating your personal information in the events of changes to said information

Any form of online payment for services offered on housingstudents.dk is handled with an SSL-connection. This means that a an encrypted connection will be established between you and www.housingstudents.dk so your credit card information cannot be intercepted by others. You can recognize an SSL connection as it symbols appears on your browser line as a locked padlock. Housing Students has payment agreement with PBS which concludes that we meet requirements of high level security on housingstudents.dk and that we provide a high level of security for your credit card information we purposefully do not keep your credit card information. We accept the following types of payment: Dankort, Visa, MasterCard, VisaElectron, JCB card and Maestro.

Cookies is a small program code which is saved to your computer so you’re the computer can remember you at a later time. Large parts of housingstudents.dk are based on the use of cookies. You can at all time delete these cookies. Housingstudents.dk cannot work properly if you have set your browser to not allow cookies. Please read the browser guide for further information or use the “help”-function within the browser.

Sending e-mails to you
Housing Student ApS reserves the right to send you e-mails to e-mails related to changes in services, change to terms and conditions and new actions on www.housingstudents.dk. Likewise, Housing Students ApS reserves the right to send you e-mails regarding user surveys etc. E-mails from Housing Students ApS can contain information regarding services that are offered from a third party supplier as well as collaborators, which advertises on www.housingstudents.dk . However, your e-mail address will in no instances be passed on to a third party. Housing Students ApS reserves the right to occasionally send mailed informational or advertisement material regarding services offered by Housing Students ApS professional landlords and administration companies, who advertise on www.housingstudents.dk,

Support or complaints

If you need support regarding your use of www.housingstudents.dk or if you want to file praise as well as complaints, we direct you to our website www.housingstudents.dk where you can file such.

Housing Students ApS is not liable for possible  loss with the use of services offered by www.housingstudents.dk. Furthermore, Housing Students ApS is not liable for losses which are caused by:

  • Breakdown or failing access in IT-systems or destruction/damage of data in said systems that can be attributed to the following events regardless of it being Housing Students/ Housing People who are in charge of the operation of the system
  • Failure in power supply or telecommunication at Housing Students and Housing People
  • Legislative intervention
  • Terror or vandalism (including computer virus and hacking), riots, rebellion sabotage, war or natural disasters
  • Strikes, lockout, boycott or blockade, regardless if conflict is targeted against or launched by Housing Students/Housing People itself or its organization, regardless of the cause of the conflict. This also applies when the conflict only involves parts of Housing Students/Housing People.
  • Other conditions and circumstances which Housing Students/Housing People does not control.


Housing students ApS reserves the right to delete you as user without warning,  should you violate present terms. We will as rule of thumb contact you in the case of violations or fraudulent behavior to find out if the violation was due to a unintentional act on your side. You should, however, contact Housing Students ApS should you be in doubt regarding terms and conditions to receive guidance and elaboration of correct use.


Housing Students APS reserves the sole copyright to all material and all information on www.housingstudents.dk with reservations for the information which can be found in individual housing advertisements. Information, texts and data found on this website must not be copied, passed on or used publicly without written acceptance from Housing Students ApS.

Change of conditions

Housing Students ApS reserves the right to change present terms as well as pricing on certain services without warning.

Storage of data
Have in mind, that Housing Students ApS is obliged to store information on an advertised lease and the customer for 2 years.

Privacy policy
By using www.housingstudents.dk you accept that your personal information is processed in relation to our privacy policy

Housing Students ApS respects all demands of classification of personal information that is given online and we are aware that the need for appropriate protection and proper handling of all the personal information we receive.

If you cannot accept said data policy we advise you to not use his website.

The purpose of the privacy policy is to explain how we gather, protect and apply personal information

Personal information

Personal information includes all information which can be used to identify a person including but not limited to said persons first and last name, age, gender, private address or other physical address, e-email, address, or other contact information, regardless of it being regarding said persons private property or workplace

We register personal information and due to legislative reasons we keep them for 5 years. When we gather personal information it always occurs when you express your consent, so that you are informed of what information we collect and why.

What kind of personal information do we collect and how do we process said information?

You can access www.housingstudens.dk without telling us who you are or other personal information. We do not collect personal information without you giving your clear consent when creating a profile.

However, we do need certain personal information in order to do business with you and deliver news and other services to you.

Housing Students collects and processes information when you:

Register yourself on www.housingstudents.dk and verify yourself with NemID.

First name and last name
Social security number
Phone number
E-mail address
Admission letter
Insert bank account information

As you are registering or making changes to your account in order to use certain services fx creating a profile as well signing up for the newsletter

Signing up for e-mails with new housing options of interest, news, information and inspiration for home seeking and rent.

View or make a purchase of goods or services from a person/company which has an offer on our website.

Payment of goods

Sending a request, complaint or feedback or otherwise giving personal information to us through the website or other channels

Housing Students only collect personal information which is necessary (e.g. e-mail, name and address) in order to offer the service you demand

Registration of personal information is necessary in order to analyze how our members use Housing Students ApS website with Google Analytics.

We do not collect personal information about the customers from a third party.

Housing Students ApS use Reepay when handling an online purchase and we do not store information regarding card numbers, bank account numbers etc.

Who do we pass personal information on to?

Personal information given on www.housingstudents.dk is only passed on to:

Our internal departments (such as CEO and administrative personal)

Carefully selected and trusted third parties who can use your personal information in order to offer goods or services of which you have ordered

Furthermore, Housing Students ApS only pass on information to others such as violation registers according to current law, if the customer in question is violating or cheating Housing Students ApS.

We keep track on how our users behave (within the confines of the law) in order to further develop and improve our website.

We use Google Analytics to collect traffic statistics. We also pass on IP-addresses to Google Analytics

Google can pass on information to a third party by law or to a third party who completes tasks for Google.

Housing Students ApS does not pass on or sell information regarding the individual users application of our services.

Where do we keep your personal information?

Personal Information is kept on secure servers in EU/UØS. Some personal information is administrated by a third party (data processor) who stock and process personal information on behalf of Housing Students in relation to data policies and the applicable law on protection of personal information.

We encrypt all passwords and all transmissions are SSL-encrypted. We only keep personal information as long as it is necessary in regards to the above mentioned purposes.

Access to information

You can at all times change your bank information or areas of interest. This includes whether or not you want us to contact you in regards to offers on products or services as well unsubscribe to newsletters.


In addition to the information you enter in connection with purchase, subscription to newsletters and other services, Housing Students ApS uses cookies. Cookies are digital information packages that the website stores on your hard drive. The cookie used does not identify the individual user, but the user's terminal equipment, eg PC, mobile phone etc. A cookie is not a program and does not contain viruses

Cookies are used to improve website service, for example, by subscription services, where the system remembers your email address when you want to change your subscription. The use of cookies does not impair your safety when using the website.'

If you do not want Housing Students ApS to identify your PC, mobile, etc. using cookies, you can also read from the link above on how to delete or block cookies in your browser.

For each visit to the website - regardless of the presence of a cookie - we will record the user's type of browser, operating system, host, and URLs of the pages to be accessed. This data is used in a comprehensive and anonymous form for statistical analysis of the general use of the website.

Contact, modification and updating of Housing Students ApS privacy policy regarding the confidentiality of personal data

We undertake to continuously comply with the privacy requirements of the law

If you have questions or comments about our data policy or if you want insight into your personal information registered at www.housingstudents.dk. Please feel free to contact us at kontakt@housingstudents.dk.

Further information on the use of cookies on www.housingstudents.dk

By using the website, www.housingstudents.dk, you accept our use of cookies.

Owner of the website and contact information

This website is owned and driven by

Housing Students ApS

CVR-nr: 42028444

E-mail: kontakt@housingsudents.dk

Phone: +45 40 600 170

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small data file that contains a randomly generated ID that we store on your computer to keep track of what happens during your visit and to recognize the computer.

A cookie collects information about which pages and features are visited with your browser and it can not see who you are, where you live or what you are called. A cookie is not an application and can not spread computer viruses or other malware.

The websites use of cookies

Cookies are used by virtually all websites, and cookies are required to make the website work. Cookies also help us to gain an overview of your visit to the website so that we can continually optimize and target the website to your needs and interests. For example, cookies may remember if you have logged in what you have added to the shopping cart, if you have previously visited the site, which language you would like the website to, etc. We also use cookies to target our marketing and advertising activities.

We use FDIH's cookie script to find out if you have been informed about the website's use of cookies. FDIH does not store any data in connection with this.

Preference - cookies

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These cookies are used for the operation of the website. For example, it may be counting the number of visitors or other information to be used for analysis. They are also used in connection with questionnaires. These cookies can to a limited extent collect data that can be attributed to the individual user.

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How to reject or delete cookies

Rejection of cookies

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Questions and complaints

Do you have any questions?

If you have any comments or questions regarding our information and / or processing of personal information, please contact us at mail: kontakt@housingstudents.dk

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How to complain about the website's information about cookies

The website is a part of the Association for the Danish Internet Trade (FDIH) cookie brand, and if you as a user believe that the website does not comply with the cookie rules, you can address your complaint to FDIH.

You must send your complaint to FDIH at contact@fdih.dk. The complaint must contain:

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