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  • You can apply for a maximum of 5 studio apartments at a time.
  • There are a total of 10 students who can apply for the same studio apartment.
  • When a Studio apartment is as reserved, it means that a maximum of 10 students have applied for the studio apartment, and that these are for review by the landlord.
  • If the landlord rejects an applicant, it will provide space for another student to apply the studio apartment. The studio apartment will then change status to Available.
  • If you have applied a studio apartment that you regret having applied for, simply cancel the application under, application, on your profile. Landlord will automatically receive your cancellation. 
  • We point out that you must fill in your application/discription of you, adeguately, under 'personal profile'. This is a reguirement, We reserve the right to cancel your membership if the application is incomplete. This is important as the landlord automatically receives your application, as soon as you apply for the studio apartment.
  • See full application example under 'personal profile'
  • It is your own responsibility to keep an eye on new released studio apartments on the site.
  • You will find that in periods there are no studio apartments for rent, in the city you are looking fore.