Why do we need an application from you?

It is important in the housing search to draw attention to oneself - take your application to various open house events so that it is YOU who the landlord remembers.

1. Profile picture
Take a good picture of yourself and put it on the application. Then the landlord already gets an idea of ​​who you are. The picture should only be of you - no pets, friends or family should be part of your profile picture.

2. Write positive personal qualities
It is important that your profile text contains as much information as possible. In addition to the very basic information, such as age, education, student job, the reason why you are applying for student housing, you can, for example, write what a normal everyday life looks like for you. You can also write what you get the time to go with when you relax or when you are with friends. It also pays to write positive personal qualities (eg non-smoker).

Make sure you get a catchy start and a good end to your housing application, as you as a reader often start by reading the first few sentences and then the last few sentences afterwards. If you can catch the landlord here,  they often will take the time to read your entire text. For example, you can write five words that best describe you or five things you love to do in your spare time - just something that can give the landlord an impression of who you are.

3. A good first impression
As a landlord, you would very much like to receive some housing applications, where you can see that the sender has spent some time and energy sending it.

4. Use a living language
It's a really good idea to think about what kind of language you choose to write in. If, for example, you write, you're funny, show it in your way of writing by making little jokes or other funny puns that prove your claim.

5. Consider your choice of words
A good profile text is honest, and tells about you the way you are. As such, you should not hide anything, but it can still be important to think about how you tell about yourself. For example, it is better to write about the things you prefer than to write about the things you do not like. A positive attitude and choice of positive words is far better than using the word 'not' all the time. Just as you can think about using a living language, you can also think about choosing some positive phrases instead of the negative and critical ones.

Our goal is to gather all studio apartments in one place
Team Housing Students fights for you as a student to have better conditions in the student housing market. We want to make the studio housing market safe for both students and landlords. We validate all our landlords and students and thereby we help to create a forum that provides security.

Help spread the word
Help spread the word, so that we can achieve the goal of gathering all student housing in one place - Housing Student's housing portal.

We want to make it as easy for the individual student to acquire a studio apartment as possible. It must end with copy housing ads, fake housing ads and housing portals that create insecurity.

We wish you a good studio housing hunt.